The Problem: Wellness professionals, schools, teachers and parents are seeking digital wellness resources in a world of imbalance, overstimulation and information overload.

Our Solution:

  • Educating through published content: curated DWC blog channels on Thrive Global and Medium.

  • Tracking events: maintaining and updating a calendar of global digital wellness events for consumers.

  • Planning DWC events: our first, large community event is coming Summer 2019! Stay tuned!


The Problem: The biggest tech companies are de-listing digital wellness apps from their app stores in an effort to own the digital wellness industry themselves.

Our Solution:

  • A concerted consumer advocacy effort to address monopolization of digital wellness tools on their platforms.

  • Banding together with the goal to release restrictions so that third-party digital wellness developers can thrive alongside developers of physical wellness, emotional wellness, and mindfulness apps.