Meet our leadership team and members around the world.


Nina Hersher    CEO    Co-founder     Nourishing Habits

Nina Hersher



Nourishing Habits

Amy Blankson    Director of Education    Co-founder     The Future of Happiness

Amy Blankson

Director of Education


The Future of Happiness

Kim Anenberg Cavallo    Community Outreach Lead    Co-founder     Lilspace

Kim Anenberg Cavallo

Community Outreach Lead



Susan Reynolds    Youth Advocacy Lead    Co-founder     Mindhood

Susan Reynolds

Youth Advocacy Lead



Gabi Jubran    Co-founder     HAPPI

Gabi Jubran



Tommy Sobel    Co-founder Emeritus     Brick

Tommy Sobel

Co-founder Emeritus




And Proud Members of Digital Wellness Collective


Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary

Dr. Tracy A. Dennis-Tiwary is a Professor of psychology and neuroscience at The City University of New York and co-founder of the digital therapeutics company Wise Therapeutics and creator of the stress- and anxiety-reduction app Personal Zen. She conducts NIH-funded research at Hunter College on the biobehavioral basis of teen anxiety and risk for suicide and the impact of digital technology on social-emotional adjustment. She explores the interplay between digital technology and emotional well-being on her blog Psyche’s Circuitry and the Psychology Today Blog More than a Feeling. Tracy is an advisor for DWC and Co-Executive Director of the Hunter College Center for Health Technology and The Stress, Anxiety, and Resilience Research Center.


Dr. Lawrence Ampofo

Digital Mindfulness

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo is the director and founder of Digital Mindfulness, an intelligence firm that focuses on supporting organisations with their understanding and application of ethical technologies and responsible innovation. Lawrence is the creator of The Digital Mindfulness Show, a podcast that has secured interviews with many of the luminaries in the digital wellbeing and ethical technology sectors, and is also the founder of the Digital Wellness Festival, Europe’s first conference on this topic. Lawrence is an advisor for the DWC as he collaborates with companies that work towards advancing the global digital wellness community.


Andrew Dunn


Andrew Dunn is co-founder and CEO of Oakland-based Siempo: creating technology that protects and promotes human thriving. Siempo’s first product is an Android interface designed to protect users from addicting apps. Andrew was a key initiator of Digital Wellness Collective and is passionate about supporting the ecosystem’s flourishing, particularly through mentoring humane tech entrepreneurs on corporate and organizational structure.


Vijay Thakkar

Best known for co-creating Words with Friends, Thakkar is a video games entrepreneur who has affected millions of players through 15 years in the industry. His belief in the disruptive potential of games as a connective force between people in our era of loneliness is what drives him in the space of digital wellness. Thakkar identifies as a conscious video gamer and is excited to advise DWC on humanely designed games that support mental health in an age of technology.


August Brice

Tech Wellness

August is the founder of the solutions-based site for creating safe, healthy and happy relationships with technology. With over 55 Videos, a podcast and a popular blog, topics include healthy digital homes, EMF mitigation, blue light, tech addictions and Internet privacy. After a TV career and heading a successful So Cal advertising agency, August came to this cause through a personal journey of understanding her own sensitivity to wireless energy(EHS) August shares her passion for spreading this message as an advisor to The Digital Wellness Collective.